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Market Square Apartments

Check Back Soon!!

McClure Building office suite

Suite 404, Photos, Specs, Floor Plans Shown by appointment only!!!

Suite 407, Photos, Specs, Floor Plans Will be available mid November!!! Must make an appointment to view Photos coming soon!!!

Suite 505, Photos, Specs, Floor Plans Available Mid December 2019, shown by appointment only!


 Ground floor commercial / retail space

 Saint Clair Suite 102, Photos, Floor PlansSpecs Leased!!!!

Other Frankfort Properties

  316 Wapping Street, Photos, Floor Plans -

  Suite 201, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs   

  Suite 203, Photos, Floor PlansSpecs  

  Suite 205, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs.   

  Suite 206, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs.    

  3rd Floor

  Suite 301, Photos, Floor PlansSpecs

  Suite 302, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs

  Suite 303, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs

  Suite 304, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs

  Suite 305, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs

  Suite 306, Photos, Floor Plans, Specs

   Louisville Properties

816 South 8th Street Louisville, 40203, Photos, Specs coming Soon!!